2D Code Datamatrix Reader

Permanently installed reader systems allow 1D and 2D codes to be scanned in production and logistics applications. Codes can be read while stationary or in motion. Scanning distances can range from a few millimeters to 2 meters – anything is possible and achievable!

Codes can be read on aluminium, cast iron, steel, ceramics, coloured plastic, glass, solar wafers, semiwafers, reticles, optical discs—as in other areas we’re open to your special requests here!

Our systems are available with modular optical and lighting components. Thus, our systems can be flexibly adapted to meet various industrial requirements and provide our customers with the best solution for their needs.

In today´s industrial processes, many product components are coded, so that they can be traced throughout the entire production process. For this reason it is very much important that the code can be read along the entire value-added chain. Therefore the DMR210 and DMR220 systems have a verification software based on ISO/IEC 15415 standards / TR29158 and a software for dot peen code "Rated Reading". These quality guidelines help that the codes applied are in good quality and thus readable.

Overview of Stationary Code Reading Systems








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